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Character Introduction:

Blog Parasite


  1. The Kim Family:

    • Ki-taek: The father and the head of the Kim family.                        He’s cunning and resourceful.
    • Chung-sook: The mother, who is practical and pragmatic.
    • Ki-woo: The son, who is clever and takes on various roles.
    • Ki-jung: The daughter, who is skilled in forging documents and acting.
      Blog Parasite
  2. The Park Family:

    • Mr. Park: The wealthy patriarch, who is oblivious to the scheming around him.
    • Mrs. Park: The matriarch, who is somewhat gullible.
    • Da-hye: The Park’s teenage daughter.
    • Da-song: The Park’s young son, who has an obsession with Native American culture.

The Infiltration:

Ki-woo’s entry into the Park family as a tutor is the catalyst for the Kims’ plan to infiltrate the Park household. He recommends his sister, Ki-jung,     as an art therapist for Da-song, who is believed to have artistic talents.          Ki-taek, the father, becomes the chauffeur, and Chung-sook is hired as    the housekeeper. The Kims skillfully manipulate their way into these     roles, posing as unrelated professionals to the Park family.

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The Scheme Unfolds:

The Kims enjoy the luxurious lifestyle in the Park household while maintaining their deception. The Parks remain blissfully unaware of their employees’ true relationship, and the Kims exploit their naivety. The Kims secretly revel in their newfound status, with Ki-jung and Ki-woo even engaging in a flirtatious relationship while in the Park residence.

Revelations and Tensions:

The film takes a dark turn when Ki-woo and Ki-jung discover a hidden       secret within the Park household, involving the previous housekeeper,  Moon-gwang, and her husband, Geun-sae, who have been living in an underground bunker within the Park mansion. The emergence of these hidden characters sets off a chain of events that reveal the stark class    divisions and the lengths people are willing to go to protect their   


Blog Parasite

Violent Climax:

Tensions escalate as the Kims fight to protect their newfound lifestyle     and the Parks grapple with the chaos erupting in their home. The film’s climax  is marked by violence and tragedy, as the façade of civility crumbles, and the true nature of the characters is laid bare.

Social Commentary:

“Parasite” is a profound exploration of social inequality, class struggle,    and the manipulation of appearances. The film sheds light on the stark contrast between the lives of the rich and the working class, with a  poignant message about the consequences of such disparities.

Bong Joon-ho’s direction, the superb performances of the cast, and the film’s clever storytelling have made “Parasite” a cinematic masterpiece.   It’s a thought-provoking work of art that delves into the complexities of human nature and the societal structures that shape our lives. The film’s impact has resonated with audiences worldwide, sparking discussions about class, privilege, and the fine line between success and      desperation.

                           Plot Summary:

“Parasite” tells the story of the Kim family, struggling to make ends meet   in their cramped, semi-basement apartment. The Kims live in poverty, folding pizza boxes for a living and trying to steal Wi-Fi from their   neighbors. However, their lives take a dramatic turn when the son,            Ki-woo, is given the opportunity to tutor Da-hye, the daughter of the   wealthy Park family.

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Ki-woo’s entry into the Park family’s luxurious home sets off a chain of events that explores themes of class, privilege, and deception. Ki-woo, under the pseudonym “Kevin,” manages to secure a tutoring position for   Da-hye. He then sees an opportunity to bring the rest of his family into the Park household by posing as unrelated, highly-qualified individuals.

Ki-woo’s sister, Ki-jung, poses as an art therapist, their father, Ki-taek, as    a chauffeur, and their mother, Chung-sook, as a housekeeper. The Kims infiltrate the Park family’s lives, pretending to be unrelated professionals, and successfully become their employees. The Parks, a wealthy and   gullible family, remain unaware of the Kims’ true identity.

As the two families’ lives become further entangled, a complex web of secrets and tensions unravels. The Kims enjoy the luxuries of the Park household while also exploiting their naivety. The Parks, in their own   bubble of privilege, remain oblivious to the scheme unfolding under their own roof Relevance .

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The film takes a dark and unexpected turn when the Kims discover a   hidden secret within the Park household. Their actions lead to a shocking and violent climax, as the stark class divisions that underlie Korean   society come to the forefront.

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“Parasite” is a masterful exploration of social inequality and class    struggle, blending dark humor with suspense and social commentary.          It is known for its brilliant storytelling, well-drawn characters, and outstanding direction, and it made history by winning the Palme d’Or at     the Cannes Film Festival and the Academy Award for Best Picture, becoming the first non-English language film to do so. The film’s impact   and critical acclaim have resonated with audiences worldwide, sparking discussions about class, privilege, and the complex interplay of the two.

Blog Parasite
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