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Guardian: The Lonely and Great God [Goblin]

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“Goblin,” also known as “Guardian: The Lonely and Great God,” is a popular South Korean television series that blends fantasy, romance, and drama. Here’s a detailed summary of the story of “Goblin,” covering its key characters and plot developments.

Title: Goblin (Guardian: The Lonely and Great God)

Genre: Fantasy, Romance, Drama

The Tale of the Goblin:

In the picturesque land of Korea, where the ordinary and extraordinary intertwine, there exists a Goblin (Kim Shin, played by Gong Yoo) cursed with immortality.

He is a mighty warrior in his past life, who has been condemned to live for centuries in search of his Bride, the only one who can remove the cursed sword from his chest and end his immortal existence.

The Goryeo Dynasty:

The story begins during the Goryeo Dynasty, as the young Kim Shin, a General, encounters Eun-tak, a young girl with the ability to see spirits. Eun-tak’s innocent spirit comforts Kim Shin and predicts his fate as the Goblin. Unfortunately, this encounter leads to her family’s tragic demise. As the spirits of the dead begin to torment her, Eun-tak’s grandmother imparts her with a powerful incantation to summon the Goblin when she is in dire need.


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Present Day Seoul: BLOG 1

Centuries later, we find Kim Shin living in modern-day Seoul as a wealthy, reclusive man. With a servant and close friend, Yoo Duk-hwa, as well as a sarcastic reaper named Wang Yeo (Lee Dong-wook), he seeks the one who can remove the sword and grant him eternal peace. Kim Shin’s life takes an unexpected turn when he encounters Ji Eun-tak (Kim Go-eun), a high school student with a tragic past who possesses the power to see ghosts.

The Goblin’s Bride:

As Eun-tak stumbles into Kim Shin’s life, he quickly realizes that she may be the one fated to end his curse. She can see the sword embedded in his chest, and their destinies become inextricably linked. Their relationship blossoms from reluctant companions to genuine affection and love. As their bond deepens, Eun-tak learns about Kim Shin’s true identity as the Goblin and the significance of her role as the Goblin’s Bride.

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The Grim Reaper’s Past: BLOG 1

Meanwhile, the Grim Reaper, Wang Yeo, who has also lost his memories of his past life, crosses paths with Sunny (Yoo In-na), a cheerful and inquisitive young woman. The two eventually fall in love, though their relationship is complicated by Wang Yeo’s enigmatic existence.

The Story Unfolds:

As Eun-tak and Kim Shin’s love story deepens, they must navigate the complexities of their supernatural bond, battle malevolent spirits, and face the consequences of their actions from their past lives. Their love is tested as they confront various challenges, including the enigmatic deity, the God of Death, who watches over their lives.

Eun-tak’s Fate:

Throughout the series, Eun-tak’s journey of self-discovery unfolds. She learns about her own unique powers, her mother’s mysterious past, and the sacrifices made by those who love her. Her relationship with Kim Shin is at the heart of the story, and her choices ultimately have profound implications for their intertwined destinies.

The Final Battle: BLOG 1

The climax of “Goblin” sees a powerful showdown as Kim Shin, Eun-tak, the Grim Reaper, and Sunny confront the deity and their intertwined fates. The resolution of the story is both bittersweet and poignant, as it addresses themes of love, loss, destiny, and the meaning of life.

The intricate tale of “Goblin” captivated audiences with its rich character development, intricate plot, and a blend of fantasy, romance, and drama. The series explores themes of reincarnation, fate, and the enduring power of love, making it a memorable and beloved Korean drama.

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